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Who is the wizard?

His books and Monday Morning Memos are a constant source of fascination and entertainment for his students and friends around the globe. His first book, The Wizard of Ads, was voted Business Book of the Year in 1998. His second book, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, was named the Wall Street Journal's number one Business Book in America in 1999 and became a New York Times bestseller. The third book in the trilogy, Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads reached bestseller status again in late 2001. His fascinating fourth book, Accidental Magic, is a tightly condensed anthology of writing tips and insights, mixed with artistic examples provided by 106 of his amazing protégés. The Wizard's first fiction book, Destinae is a powerful allegory aimed directly at the heart of the reader.

Private Consulting:
For those wishing to have the Wizard review their advertising, help them plan an ad campaign, brainstorm with him, discuss a business possibility or bounce an idea off him, we've made a very limited number of days available in Austin each month. For more information email corrine@wizardacademy.com or call Corrine Taylor at (800) 425-4769 or (512) 295-5700.

Once introduced as "the most magnetic and mesmerizing speaker in the world today," the Wizard has been trying to live up to those words ever since. Most attendees agree that his action-packed seminar, "Advertising in America: What Works, What Doesn't and Why" is perhaps the most entertaining and enlightening 3 hours they have ever experienced. The seminar begins with a detailed look at the architecture of the human brain, followed by the "Four Tugs-of-War," "What is Branding, Really?" and "The 12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising. "Whatever your event requirements may be, the Wizard can tailor his presentation to fit the specific needs of your audience. The Wizard's speaking fee in the US and Canada is currently $25,000 plus airfare, provided that the trip not require him to spend more than one night away from home. For more information email corrine@wizardacademy.com or call Corrine Taylor at (800) 425-4769 or (512) 295-5700.

The brainchild of his wife, Pennie Williams, Wizard Academy® was founded as a way to get her husband off the road. "Instead of sending him to them for a few hours, why not let them all come here for a few days?" But not even Princess Pennie knew how well her idea would work. Since its launch in May of 2000, Wizard Academy® has attracted a roster of students that includes many of the world's most forward-thinking and successful CEOs, educators, journalists, inventors and consultants. The Wizard Academy® reunion each autumn is an event not to be missed.

Created to be a publishing springboard to showcase the work of Wizard Academy® students, Wizard Academy Press publishes primarily audio books with accompanying transcripts.

A lifelong student of humanity, Roy H. Williams has spent a quarter-century asking, "What makes people do the things they do?" And he's been using the things he's learned to stimulate miraculous growth for his small business clients for more than 25 years. 

With forty branch offices in the US, Canada, and Australia, Wizard of Ads®, is now serving the advertising and marketing needs of business owners around the globe. Our fees are tied to your growth. The only way for us to make more money is to increase the size of your business. How's that for confidence? If you'd like to discuss adding your company to the growing list of thriving businesses being guided by a Wizard of Ads® branch office, call Corrine Taylor at 800-425-4769 or email Corrine@WizardofAds.com.


Invisible Heroes is a collection of more than 100 biographical stories written by Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads. You can read a few of these stories in the archives of this web page, but most of them are inaccessible because they're soon to be published in a book.

We create our heroes from our hopes and dreams. And then they create us in their own image. Heroes raise the bar we jump and hold high the standards we live by. They're the embodiment of all we're striving to be.

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